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So, one of the guys from that band Fucked Up has a side-project called Young Governor. Their (his?) Virginia Creeper single from last year (last year?) is dope. Another dope thing that he did was release a 7 inch called “Pizza Face”. The seven inch is a see-through pic of a pizza sandwiched in some plexiglass. Apparently the sound quality is poor, but the idea quality is high. Check it out hur.

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Dallas Pizza and Steak House

7834 106 Avenue Nw

Three years ago, I was really into record collecting. On weekends, my friend Aaron and I would hop in my dad’s mini-van and go from thrift stores to garage sales, estate sales to storage locker auctions, pawn shops to flea markets; any place that sold discarded items, you could find Aaron and I on our hands and knees sifting through boxes of dusty records. We would often arrive at a garage sale, quickly realize that the only records for sale were tepid and undesirable,  and move on to our next destination. We spent all day driving around, searching for that ‘grail’ of a collection.

As time went on, I lost interest in record hunting (‘digging’, as it’s called in the biz), while Aaron became more and more immersed. I have since tagged-along with buddy on his solo trips, but he had yet to share in my new passion (I hope that this is too strong of a word) until last night, when he joined me on a ‘pizza digging’ trip.

Following a tip from my brother, we set out in search of a pizza-serving Irish pub near the Faculté Saint-Jean. Never having been to the University of Alberta’s French campus and not knowing the name of the pub, we decided to wing it. After a few wrong turns and retraced steps, we finally came upon Devaney’s Irish Pub. A little too late though – their kitchen was closed and we could not order food. A single box of water-damaged Neil Diamond and Elton John records. Off we go.

Our back-up plan was Dallas Pizza, a joint that we passed on the way to Devaney’s. The closer we got to the restaurant, the more we realized that we may have stumbled on a huge score. Located in the the Forest Heights neighbourhood, Dallas is very much a pizza restaurant rather than a bar that happens to serve pizza. It is well-lit like a restaurant should be and it is wholesomely decorated like a restaurant should be. The walls are literally covered with paintings of pink and red flower gardens. Only three wall decorations deviate from this pattern: two ‘Travel Greece’ posters and this amazing (amazing!) woodcut:


Our server was a very pleasant lady who knew how to tease customers and tell a joke – one of which ended with the line: “what are you, a longshoreman?”.

Aaron and I ordered a large Spinach Special (spinach, onions, feta and mozza), which, because of the owner’s Greek heritage, was a great choice. Spinach was perfectly cooked; lots of feta.  The cheese was a little thick and greasy, and it was a little stingy on the (very tasty) sauce, but still an overall excellent pizza. When I commented on the pizza’s square cuts, our server nodded as if admitting defeat. She knows that triangle slices are what’s happening in pizza today.

Our polite dinner conversation stuck to familiar topics such as music and records, but somehow the topic of pizza’s “ubiquity” came up far too often. Overall, joint: VG++ and Pizza: VG+ will eat again.

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