Young Guv’

So, one of the guys from that band Fucked Up has a side-project called Young Governor. Their (his?) Virginia Creeper single from last year (last year?) is dope. Another dope thing that he did was release a 7 inch called “Pizza Face”. The seven inch is a see-through pic of a pizza sandwiched in some plexiglass. Apparently the sound quality is poor, but the idea quality is high. Check it out hur.

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Throw your set in the air

I don’t particularly like Edmonton garage punkers The Wicked Awesomes! but I do like pizza-related packaging.

Wicked Awesomes! key man Lucas Wilfred Finnamore-Gochgarian has “released” a collection of his many musical projects, complete with wildly elaborate pizza-box packaging decorated by the man himself. Buddy over at is doing a weekly series highlighting the the many facets of lucas. Check it out here, here, and here.



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360˚ Mafia


There is a famous rapper named Soulja Boy. You may remember his 2007 hit “Crank That”. His crew goes under the name Stacks On Deck (shortened to S.O.D.), referring to the stacks of paper money they have. They are not to be mistaken for metal/thrash crossover jokers S.O.D, well-known for being racist and fat.

KASHFLOW and Kamonster are less famous rappers from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Together, they seem to rap under the name Kassassin and are affliated with a crew called U.N.  The second song on their MySpace page is a pizza-themed anthem called “Pizza on Deck” that sounds (exactly) like early Three 6 Mafia. It is great! Pizza on Deck has not been shortened to P.O.D, most likely to avoid confusion with nu-metal butt-rockers P.O.D, well known for being boring and Christian.

Pizza Punk is dead………Pizza-themed horror-core-rap is alive and well.

Finally, a very literal interpretation of Pizza on Deck:

Pizza on Deck

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