Young Guv’

So, one of the guys from that band Fucked Up has a side-project called Young Governor. Their (his?) Virginia Creeper single from last year (last year?) is dope. Another dope thing that he did was release a 7 inch called “Pizza Face”. The seven inch is a see-through pic of a pizza sandwiched in some plexiglass. Apparently the sound quality is poor, but the idea quality is high. Check it out hur.

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Happy birthday to me

SliceoflifeEdmonton turned a year old a few days ago.

It has been pretty slow these last few months, but I think things will pick up soon.

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Wacky Wyrd Wednesdays (not actually on a wednesday)

Every Wednesday, Dominos Pizza sells any topping medium pizzas for 5 dollars. The restaurant refers to the day as “Wacky Wednesdays”. Do you know what else will be wacky and start with a dub?

Wyrd Alberta.

Wyrd Alberta is a travelling music festival. A bunch of bands (14) are playing 3 dates in 3 cities. I will be volunteering for the Edmonton date and working the pizza tent. Come see me for free samples*

Slice of Life cannot speak on Women (neither the headlining band or the gender), but he can say the following things: Jazz’s new cassette is sweet, buddy from Brazilian Money loves a pizza, and Fist City is a big tune.

Check this link for more info, or check the poster

*This is not true. There is no Pizza tent, there will be no free samples. I am technically volunteering though, but will most likely just be goofing off and telling jokes. Come see me for some jokes.

Another Flamingo’s Review

In their issue before the current one, See Magazine reviewed Flamingo’s Restaurant and Lounge. It is good to see people coming around to good pizza joints. If the quality of restaurant reviews is measured by the amount of Scarface (as in the Geto Boys rapper, hold the Tony Montana) references, then my review of the Meadowlark-based eatery is superior. But they aren’t and it isn’t.

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Just a Cheap Pizza

You can’t get pizza for 26 cents anymore.

Photo courtesy of

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Eh One

A while back, I mentioned that I once bought a copy of a Totally Insane’s “Direct from the Backstreet” from A1 Pawn Shop on 111 Ave.


That pawn shop is the subject of a new documentary called Broke that is playing as part of the Global Visions Film Festival this weekend. I saw it last night, and I thought it was really good. I recommend that you check out the second screening on Saturday, November 7th at the Paramount Theatre downtown.

Number of times the word pizza is spoken during the film: one.

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Ballin on a Budget

In order to keep my spending at a reasonable level, I wrote up a budget today. Despite taking CALM in high school, I have never done this before. Wish me luck. As much as I would have loved to, I did not create a column on my budget sheet for “Pizza outings”.

Soooooo, anyone willing to take me out for some pizza can email me at I will blog about it; you may become famous.

Worst case scenario, this will result in an inbox full of “is that a pizza chain that gucci mane is wearing?” emails.

Best case scenario, this will result in an inbox full of “is that a pizza chain that gucci mane is wearing?” emails.

I cannot ride for Gucci the way that the rest of the continent can. I often worry that Soulja Boy is falling in with the wrong crowd.

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Can’t nobody nobody f-ck with his kitchen

Maybe I spoke too soon.

During the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards that aired 2 days ago, Gucci Mane performed alongside Mario and Plies sporting an iced-out pizza slice chain.

Whether it’s this chain or the diamond-encrusted whisk next to it, this recent development has the internet goin’ nuts.

…..or rather, it has resulted in a small handful of people stumbling on to Sliceoflife by Google-ing “Gucci Mane AND Pizza Chain”.

Regardless, welcome to SliceoflifeEdmonton. No need to take your shoes off.

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pizza holograms

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last mentioned the Wicked Awesomes!

This time around, the boys use the music video medium to dole out the pizza jokes.

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Thiiis iiiis the way we live


Do you remember in elementary school when classroom projects were rewarded with pizza parties? The City of Edmonton does.

The academic brainy types still looking to the Edmonton Journal (read: buddy in the Coca Cola shirt below) for their daily news may have missed it, but the front page of the Edmonton Sun announced yesterday that households agreeing to host “front room forums” discussing the direction of their city and ‘the way we live’ would be rewarded with pizza from Royal Pizza.


Check the Sun tomorrow for the outcome of their online “is this a good idea” poll. Slice of Life’s opinion is that the idea, which is being criticized as a cheap method of citizen participation, is a great one.

The next sentence that I am going to write makes me very happy:

To sign up for a pizza party, visit or call 780-496-7898.

(Thanks to Shelby [BA Ed.] for the tip about the article. I don’t read either of this city’s rags)