Did Jamaica pizza?

Indies Pub and Grill

8 Holburn Road


So there is pizza in Jamaica. I know that sounds like an ignorant thing to say but to be honest I didn’t expect there to be very much ‘za in the tropical paradise other than resort town chain restaurants. Dominos is pretty popular here in the capital city and there is Pizza Hut next to Juici Patties on Knutsford blvd in New Kingston.

Also in New Kingston (it figures, really), the Indies Bar and Grill boasts to be the “Home of the Original Jamaican Pizza”. I smell tourist trap.

Indies was the first place (not first bar. First Place) I visited to on my first visit to Ja-ay but I just had a Red Stripe and chicken. The place was alright but the lighting was weird.

One night, across the street, I was sitting on my hotel’s veranda shooting the shit with ex-pat and current-dirtbag Mikey (not his real name), when a confirmed cutie strolled passed us with a box of pizza. I played it cool while Mikey went in for the kill.

“you gonna finish that whole thing?” The pervy grin on his face gave it all away: he had no interest in the pizza.

After some late-night confessions, Mikey disappeared into the night.

Oh how good things come to those who wait. Soon after Mikey left, the pizza-cutie returned with a half eaten pizza and offered the rest to me. We got to talking and she told me that she is from the O.C. (the place, not the show) and she is doing some sort of military thing in a small village in the country. She was in Kingtson to party with a friend.

[these are not her and her friend partying, this is a shot from a party held at the Bar.]

Granted it was the discards from a valley girl (can i say that about Orange County? Is that what O.C. is short for?), but the pizza was pretty gross. Dry crust, thin cheese and too-think, too-spicy pep. The restaurant’s sign might’ve read “Home of the Original Jerk Pizza”….probably should have eaten the Jerk Pizza instead of writing a review based on barely visiting a restaurant and barely eating their pizza. There is always next time.

[Ok, poll time: when I wrote “Oh how good things come to those who wait” above, how many of you thought I was referring to the pizza and how many thought I was referring to the return of the cutie?]

Anyways, Jamaica’s sweet, Kingston is great and my heart go out to everyone that has lost family and friends in the recent violence downtown. I wish everyone safe passage through the city.

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