Dear Mama

Mama’s Pizza

10531 107 Avenue Nw, Edmonton

I often romanticize the idea of a young couple falling in love and building a future together. Hand in hand, together against the world, they push forward taking on life’s challenges. This exciting life journey usually begins with the renting of the first apartment where the seed of the young couple’s special bond is planted. One of the most poignant aspects to this fantasy is the first dinner in the new apartment, which I always imagined to be a candle-lit, take-out meal on hardwood floor surrounded by boxes from the recent move. Just a beautiful thing. Recently this fantasy became a reality for me, as I moved into a new apartment with a loved one. And as is usually true, reality is never as sweet as a dream.

Phil and I moved into a cozy one-bedroom apartment on 109 ave, near 109 street. The building had been uninhabited for many years, so we had to get power re-connected. Due to confusion from both EPCOR and my landlord (not me), we were without power for 3 days. No biggie; we stepped with the 2by4 (is this even a saying, I’ve been using it for years……think it’s supposed to be like ‘roll with the punches’). The walls in the building are paper thin, and we could hear our neighbours crystal clear, forcing Phil to share a bed with me at nights. It is also freezing.

Despite all this, Phil and I decided to celebrate or new life together by picking up a pizza. We called up our new neighbour/old friend Jon, and moseyed on over to Mama’s Pizza on 107th Ave. I had eaten at Mama’s before, but was too distracted by the awe-inspiring mural art to take note of the pizza.

True to my fantasy, we sat on the floor of the apartment surrounded by boxes and ate our pizza. We snaked a single light that was plugged in to a hallway outlet and listened to Jim Reeves on Jon’s portable turntable.

Mama’s pizza is good. The joint doubles as a Vietnamese Noodle house, but we ordered a large Bacon and tomato pizza regardless. Crust was near perfect (a bit greasy, but good greasy), and bacon was near-disgusting. Somehow these things balanced each other out, making for a decent pie. Despite its decent taste, Mama’s will likely be remembered more for its wild mural art than it’s pizza: a sloppy, seemingly unfinished Edmonton Oilers mural, a similarly sloppy Eskies mural, and an extremely elaborate and far-from-sloppy painting of London’s Tower Bridge. Just wild.

The more that I think of it, that night wasn’t the fantasy-crusher that I made it out to be. It was a blast making jokes with Jon and Phil, and the pizza was good. There was just something that seemed missing from my romanticization……Probably the romance.

Update: phil has since left me for both a cheaper apartment and a cheaper room-mate. but hey, I ain’t mad at cha

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Chuck D Cheese

A friend of mine (Sarah P) stepped up to the plate and offered to do a guest review for SliceofLife. I am forever grateful. Check it out

chuck e. cheese’s

14245 137th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Recently, a few mates and I found ourselves on the north side- not that north side- the north west of edmonton. we had about an hour to kill before seeing mariah carey grace the silver screen in Precious (authors side note: two thumbs up). and looking for a distraction and something to eat we had to look no further than the opposite end of the parking lot to the chuck e. cheese (14245 137th Avenue NW).

You may be familiar with this establishment from younger days where the chuck served as a dim and grubby backdrop for many a birthday party. the matted fur of the mascot and his animatronic movements had you reaching for the swamp water with one hand while reaching into the cesspool of plastic balls with another (to promptly throw at another child’s head). well, times have changed and while some of the old standards are still around (namely the animatronic mouse and self-serve soft drink machine), the atmosphere is now less a lounge and more like a casino for children. with pizza.

For a mere $30 you and your friends can enjoy the Munch ‘n Play Saver Combo (TM) which consists of a large pizza with 2 soft drinks and 25 tokens with which to bide your time waiting for that pie. we opted to split the pizza toppings and went for half super combo (peperoni, sausage, beef, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and red onion) and half cheese. The tokens were also divvied up and were played on a ms. pac man arcade and the classic carnival game, skee-ball. there may also have been a few “rides” on the horse and jockey game, for another post.

Our pizza arrived in a timely manner (author’s note: it was a weeknight and aside from one other “family”, we were the only patrons) and actually looked half decent. the crust: one notch above thin, crispgreasy at the edge and pretty delicious. the sauce: nothing remarkable about the flavor but an appropriate amount per surface area. and the toppings; i was slightly disappointed, but not entirely surprised, that the sausages on the super combo side were those little round sausage bits (where do you even buy those?) that looked like chuck e’s pellets and were about as appetizing. the tasteless canned black olives, mediocre pep and fecal sausage amounted to one clear fact: the super combo was not a winner. on the other hand, the cheese pizza slices were – dare I say-  some of the best I’ve ever had. which is not surprising when you consider the chuck’s target customers, the 3-8 year olds. for this age group, cheese pizza is king. they know their audience and know how to deliver a cheese pizza that is broiled to pure perfection.

I don’t know if frequenting this establishment is the road I want to go down to obtain more of this cheese pizza in the future. it’s just too risky. i mean, they have a hand sanitizing stations and padded posts at every turn. it’s just too much to gamble showing up there with a serious hankering for cheese pizza and be confronted with innumerable germy kids hopped up on soda, let loose in a carnival of eternal birthday party. so i guess my question is, do they deliver?

Of interest, when googling “chuck”, chuck e. cheese appears as the first search result. right before chuck noris. zing!

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