The Frank Saccomanno Story

Saccomanno’s Pizza, Pasta, and Deli

10208 127 Avenue, Edmonton

Without fail, I always miss the east-bound exit for the Yellowhead when driving north on 97th Street. No matter how many times I try and no matter how hard I try,  I never learn from my previous mistakes and blast straight under the overpass. After a recent exit-miss and subsequent double-backing, I noticed a pizza/pasta place that looked very promising. As my recent financial situation bubbled to the forefront though, the idea of visiting Saccomanno’s was relegated to the rear.

Recently, my friend Jared agreed to take me out for pizza, and I suggested that we take in a slice at Saccomanno’s. He had once been on a date to the restaurant/deli, and was very interested in a second visit. I was more than willing to make this date number 2.

Saccomanno’s Pizza, Pasta and Deli is exactly what its name says it is: an Italian delicatessen, a pizza restaurant and a pasta restaurant. The Pizza side of things is very simple. One size available (14 inches) and about half a dozen pizza choices. All thin crust. We settled on the capricciosa pizza, which had prosciutto cotto, olives, cheese (lots of cheese) and very little sauce.

Both Jared and I agree that the pizza was very good and highly recommendable. The thick cheese and thin sauce were definitely worth noting though. Just saying.

A serious highlight of  Saccomanno’s is its deli slash grocery. Jared and I grabbed our bottles and Peroni and took a stroll through the aisles (still very much a date at this point), picking up a few necessities such as deli meat, baby clams and couscous (please note the sarcasm. These things are neither necessities nor in my budget). It was great to finally be able to drink in a grocery store without worrying about store security though.

Jared was a complete gentleman. Not once did I feel that he was coming on too strong and he was more than willing to go dutch on the bill. Conversation was mostly about shinny and men’s hockey leagues. Mr. Saccomanno (we can only assume, really) was also a gentleman, thanking us personally for our patronage on our way out.

Despite the thin sauce, the only possible downside to the joint is its less-than-spectacular location. As long as the east-bound Yellowhead exit is as complicating as it is though, I think Mr Saccomanno’s will be just fine.

(quick note: I may have down-played the quality of the ‘za a little bit. It was really good. Better than most places, in fact. Was it the best of the best? Sliceoflife does not operate like Top Gun. I will say this though: there are 2 C’s in Saccomanno, boys……… Top Gun jokes.)

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Eh One

A while back, I mentioned that I once bought a copy of a Totally Insane’s “Direct from the Backstreet” from A1 Pawn Shop on 111 Ave.


That pawn shop is the subject of a new documentary called Broke that is playing as part of the Global Visions Film Festival this weekend. I saw it last night, and I thought it was really good. I recommend that you check out the second screening on Saturday, November 7th at the Paramount Theatre downtown.

Number of times the word pizza is spoken during the film: one.

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Ballin on a Budget

In order to keep my spending at a reasonable level, I wrote up a budget today. Despite taking CALM in high school, I have never done this before. Wish me luck. As much as I would have loved to, I did not create a column on my budget sheet for “Pizza outings”.

Soooooo, anyone willing to take me out for some pizza can email me at I will blog about it; you may become famous.

Worst case scenario, this will result in an inbox full of “is that a pizza chain that gucci mane is wearing?” emails.

Best case scenario, this will result in an inbox full of “is that a pizza chain that gucci mane is wearing?” emails.

I cannot ride for Gucci the way that the rest of the continent can. I often worry that Soulja Boy is falling in with the wrong crowd.

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