Can’t nobody nobody f-ck with his kitchen

Maybe I spoke too soon.

During the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards that aired 2 days ago, Gucci Mane performed alongside Mario and Plies sporting an iced-out pizza slice chain.

Whether it’s this chain or the diamond-encrusted whisk next to it, this recent development has the internet goin’ nuts.

…..or rather, it has resulted in a small handful of people stumbling on to Sliceoflife by Google-ing “Gucci Mane AND Pizza Chain”.

Regardless, welcome to SliceoflifeEdmonton. No need to take your shoes off.

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pizza holograms

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last mentioned the Wicked Awesomes!

This time around, the boys use the music video medium to dole out the pizza jokes.

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Bad Boys II


Ragazzi Pizzeria e Bistro Italiano

8110-Whyte Avenue, Edmonton

In 1988, Eric Wright and ‘his band of many men’ had just as much of an impact on the world of typeface as they did the world of rap music. While N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” is often pointed to as the blueprint for gangster rap, the album’s cover art – and its seemingly innocent use of the Mistral™ typeface – has had an equally lasting effect on the way that many (maybe just me) view the world of brand design. Since hearing and seeing that record, I have never been able lay eyes on that typeface without immediately bracing myself to “witness the strength of street knowledge”. Plain and simple, the font has become synonymous (at least in my own private mind garden) with bad-ass gangsterism. I’m pretty sure this fact is not lost on the pizza boys from Ragazzi Bistro who a) use the Mistral™ font on their awning and b) are bad-ass.

Actually originally named Pizza Boys, Ragazzi Bistro was founded by the sons/nephews of the Tony’s Pizza Palace empire. With pizza sauce in their blood, it was only natural for the boys to start up a joint with their own youthful and edgy twist.  After a few years (ed. note: Slice of Life does not actually know how long) under the Pizza Boys moniker, they changed their name to Ragazzi – Italian for boys – in an attempt to class-up their image. Just like NWA’s move from Compton to Riverside (Ice Cube said it in “No Vaseline”, so it must be true), you can take the bad-ass out of its natural habitat, but you can’t take the natural…habitat…out of the…oh nevermind. What I am trying to say is that despite the name-change and fancy decor, Ragazzi Bistro is still a fun loving, exciting, and bad-ass pizza boy’s club.

Between myself and 3 buds we split a large “NY Spice” and a large “Calabrese” with a plate of Gnocchi (again) for another bud. The thin crust, Italian-style pizzas are very good and are highly recommended. The service was great, the music was weird and the dessert was delicious. It is a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for: quality ‘za.

It wasn’t until I approached the counter to pay, that I realized the full charm of this place. The staff (the aforementioned brothers/cousins) are amazingly kind and very funny, talkin’ both shop and shit about the Yanks and Phillies.

This place has really good pizza, and is a great restaurant to eat at.

Also, this just in:

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Thiiis iiiis the way we live


Do you remember in elementary school when classroom projects were rewarded with pizza parties? The City of Edmonton does.

The academic brainy types still looking to the Edmonton Journal (read: buddy in the Coca Cola shirt below) for their daily news may have missed it, but the front page of the Edmonton Sun announced yesterday that households agreeing to host “front room forums” discussing the direction of their city and ‘the way we live’ would be rewarded with pizza from Royal Pizza.


Check the Sun tomorrow for the outcome of their online “is this a good idea” poll. Slice of Life’s opinion is that the idea, which is being criticized as a cheap method of citizen participation, is a great one.

The next sentence that I am going to write makes me very happy:

To sign up for a pizza party, visit or call 780-496-7898.

(Thanks to Shelby [BA Ed.] for the tip about the article. I don’t read either of this city’s rags)

Been having some thoughts

Why do the Wicked Awesomes! get so much face-time here at Slice of Life?

Simply put, the Wicked Awesomes! incorporate pizza into their packaging and live performances enough that I am gonna talk about them. That, and most rappers and R and B singers do not talk about pizza, have pizza-themed artwork, or perform in pizza restaurants dressed in pizza costumes.


Well, according to the photo below, it looks like DrakeSoundin’Boy Blu is into pizza, but I’m not into him.


There is also this (awful) video:

Maybe pizza is a rock thing, not a rap thing. Likely there will be more aout the Wicked Awesomes! in the future.

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Slice of Life likes this


Woah, Happy Joe’s Pizza (8424 109 street, Edmonton) has a Facebook Page!

More impressive is the fact that the page has fans from all over the world. That there is an American chain by the same name might have something to do with that .

Update: The pictures from the other Happy Joe’s website are wild. Here’s 2 of ’em:


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I’ll ask ‘er


Caribou Cafe

1867 Glenn Hwy
Glennallen, AK 99588

If you have been following SliceofLife, then you’ll know that I drove the Alaska Highway recently. Also, if you have been following SliceofLife, then you’ll know that I have not done a proper pizza review in a while. Simply put, that trip had enough of an impact on my pocketbook that I have recently been forced to cut certain pleasures from my life. First thing to go: paying money for pizza. As some sort of comprimise to my loyal readers I will do something that I never thought I would do and review a non-Edmonton pizza joint.

Glennallen is a small town in Alaska, roughly half-way between Tok and Anchorage. More importantly though, Glennallen is home to the one-and-only Caribou Cafe, a modest roadside diner and serious pizza maker. My 2 travelling partners and I decided to stop-in at the Caribou Cafe for the same reasons that anyone else would: it is the first restaurant on the side of the highway. We were pleasantly surprised.

After waiting the abnormally large wait-time time to be seated, we posted up at the counter and sipped on coffee while waiting for a Ham and Pineapple pizza. Our choice of seating allowed us a great view of the inner workings of the restaurant and staff dynamics. The staff, which included 2 Eastern European waitresses and a 13 year old child, were very sweet. My favourite moment came when one waitress was cutting a piece of birthday cake for a customer and the yung’un brought 2 birthday candles for the cake. Pleased with his foresight, the waitress (his mom?) was quick to exclaim “you are wonderful” to the kid. Even if this pizza was bad, I knew this place was great.

After a quick trip to the washroom, I got lost and stumbled into an empty room filled with tables, chairs and one large signboard that read Panther’s Pizza leaning against a wall. When our order came up, we finished our coffee, took our pizza, and returned to my Toyota Corolla in order to make good time.

Caribou’s Pizza is great! The crust was perfectly cooked and of perfect thickness. The cheese was not too thick and left a lot of room for the tasty sauce.

I was so impressed with their pizza that I was left with some questions. How could this modest establishment, tucked away in a small town on the Alaska Highway, be responsible for some of the best pizza I have tasted? Do other travellers know about this joint? Is this a local favourite? Why do they not advertise their pizza specifically?

The entirely unfounded conclusion that I came to was that Caribou Cafe used to be a pizza restaurant called Panther Pizza that was forced to change formats and adopt a more northernly name in order to appeal to the middle-of-the-road tourists that pass through Glennallen on their way to Alaska’a largest city. As a general roadside diner and by pumping the wilderness angle in their name, the cafe’s business likely doubled and they never looked back.

A quick visit to their website put things into place however. Looks like Panther Pizza is the (still active) pizza and ice cream side of the cafe. The empty room with tables and chairs that I found was likely simply that side of the restaurant. No big mystery. It doesn’t matter, the place is dope and so is there Pizza.

Needless to say, the remainder of that day was spent, in the car, coming up with animal-restaurant alliterations. Winner: Salmon Saute-House. Loser: all three of us.

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Slice of Hair #2


Royal Lock and Key / Trendsetters Barber Shop

9851 63 Avenue Nw

There is nothing particularly new about the news that Country superstars Brooks and Dunn done broke up. In mid-August of this year, after 18 years and 11 albums, Kix and Ronnie decided to hang up their shared crown as Country Music’s biggest duo. While the story of how they met may differ from the ridiculous genesis narrative laid out in their first album’s liner notes, it is generally accepted that Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn were separately hacking away at fledgling solo careers in the late 80’s when Arista Records’ Tim DuBois suggested that they link up. Ever since, theirs has been a fairly deadly combination (judge them by their successes, not by their sullen faces and bad facial hair). The importance of that ‘just right’ combination is something that Al (I think that is his name…) at barber shop slash locksmith joint Royal Lock and Key / Trendsetters Barber can certainly identify with.


After a day of G-Saling on Argyll Road, I decided to stop in to fix my fade. Trendsetters Barber Shop, the barber side of Royal Lock and Key, is a quaint shop with one hair-chair and a very small wait time. The walls are plastered with pictures of vintage cars, old calendars and lock paraphernalia. Al is very nice and was quick to tell the story about his unique business model. He was very curious about which shops I normally get cut by and seemed to know every barber’s name that I dropped.

I wasn’t in dire need of a cut, so I only had him fix my sides, do my neck, and take a little bit off the top. When I asked him to take care of the hair between my eye-brows he lectured me on the dangers of shaving unwanted hair. When I told him that Ted did it without hesitation, he scoffed.


I would explain exactly how Al came to be in both the hair slicing and the lock de-icing businesses, or which business came first, or where his priority lies, but those are his stories and they are ones that he is more than willing to tell.

After his first attempt at the cut, I asked that he take another inch off the top and he did so without any hesitation. I paid the fair price, tipped well, and left looking like a Brand New Man.


Quick note: Right next door to Royal Lock and Key is Royal Stamp and Sign Co. Across the street is Sentinel Self-Storage who use a British royal guard as their logo. They really like to play up that Argyll angle out there.