Ain’t no Future in Frontin

This post is not about an Edmonton pizza joint. This post is about a book. This book is called Store Front and it is by James T. and Karla Murray.

Store Front features over 300 pages of large, full page and full colour photos of New York City store fronts, some of which are Pizza places. Broken up by borough and by neighbourhood, the book provides a glimpse at an increasingly rare New York City aesthetic. You can read and see more about this book here, or you can get it from Edmonton’s Public Library here.



So Icey Pizza

IC Pizza

11804 50 Street Nw


IC Pizza is a a small Highland’s pizza joint on the corner of 118 ave and 50th street. I always used to see it on my way to the Yellowhead Flea Market (R.I.P.) and thought it had a weird name. It turns out that IC stands for International Computers and that the restaurant doubles as an Internet Cafe.

The staff is very nice, the pizza is very cheap, and it only took ten minutes for a small bacon and mushroom to be delivered to our parking lot waiting space.

Pizza: mediocre and hardly recommendable. My brother was loving the crust though. If I was living in the HIG area and was without a proper connect at the crib, I would hit them up for their bandwidth for sure.

Speaking of IC things, isn’t it wild how much mainstream attention Gucci Mane and his So ICey Boys received in 2009?  Some would say that it’s mostly the chain:

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Throw your set in the air

I don’t particularly like Edmonton garage punkers The Wicked Awesomes! but I do like pizza-related packaging.

Wicked Awesomes! key man Lucas Wilfred Finnamore-Gochgarian has “released” a collection of his many musical projects, complete with wildly elaborate pizza-box packaging decorated by the man himself. Buddy over at is doing a weekly series highlighting the the many facets of lucas. Check it out here, here, and here.



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“I’ve got p’s on my wall, and I ain’t talking ’bout pizzas”


Chicago Joe’s Pizza and Pub


Atlanta rapper Cool Breeze (aka a bunch of other names that start with the letter C) knows a thing or two about standing in the shadows. During OutKast‘s rise to power in the late nineties, Cool Breeze – alongside other members of their Dungeon Family crew – had a tough time gaining the recognition and acclaim that was being poured all over Andre and Big Boi. Despite the massive success of his Dungeon Fam posse cut Watch for the Hook, Cool Breeze never saw Ms. Jackson or Rosa Parks-sized royalty cheques. Always more concerned with being genuine and hard than having crossover radio hits, it is safe to assume that Mr. Calhoun never gave a damn about his position in the shadows.

Almost literally in the shadows of Tony’s Pizza Palace (depending on the time of day), Chicago Joe’s Pizza and Pub on 111 Ave is the Cool Breeze of Edmonton Pizza joints. It is a modest neighbourhood pizza joint that serves pizza and beer to its community, but never sees the type of accolades and awards that its neighbour Tony sees. Constantly on the lists and lips of Edmonton’s pizza aficionados, Tony’s Pizza Palace – with its old-country style pizza and near-perfect decor –  is often cited as the best pizza place in town. Across the street, Chicago Joe’s serves very different pizza and offers a very different atmosphere.


Obviously enough, Chicago Joe’s serves Chicago-style pizza, complete with deep(ish) crust. The joint is your classic neighborhood pub: VLTs, stuffed animals crane game, Black Label (and only Black Label) on tap, and a TV in the corner. The bartender is super nice and quick with the jokes.

Like Cool Breeze, Chicago Joe’s is pretense-free, offers few frills and works hard at turning out their product. Don’t get me wrong, OutKast and Tony’s are both great (well, ‘were’ in the case of the former), but it is the personality and character of institutions like Cool Breeze and Chicago Joe’s that really make for an interesting experience.


….well, this metaphor crumbles pretty quickly when I tell you that unlike Cool Breeze, Chicago Joe’s product is not very good. I had eaten their pizza before and was under the impression that they cooked a tasty slice, but the pizza from this last visit was undercooked and bland. What I should have done was compare Chicago Joe’s pizza to Chicago Hip House music: I love the idea of it, but it is usually pretty bad.

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“I like other stuff also now”

Edmonton’s best writer of raps has decided to call it quits. Epic has been holding it down in Edmontown for a while now with his seemingly awkward, yet entirely honest style. Slice Of Life rides hard for Epic; he is a great storyteller and clever with a battle rap. Hits include “Sleeping Shirts”, “I Only Like Rap” and “Thought Process”

Although his letter of resignation was kind of vague, Epic’s “last” show will be on September 19th at Amigo’s in Saskatoon. To quote “Move Home” off his Aging is what Friends Do Together record, Slice Of Life would like to wish Epic “the best of luck in the future, buddy”.

To make this topical, here is a picture of Epic rapping at a pizza joint (thanks to Brad @ for the photo):


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