City of Champignons

Vic’s Pizza
10132 156 Street Nw

The legacy left behind by the Boys on the Bus is a hard one for this city to let die. We’ve painted murals, we’ve built statues, we’ve re-named streets, drives and trails, and we’ve blogged (albeit shortly) in tribute to the Oilers’ glory days. Within the last 3 years, we have even erected a giant replica of a trophy that has not been ours in almost 20 years on the main road from the airport.

For the 156th street block just north of Stony Plain Road, the issue of dying legacies is nothing new. The never-leased and always-vacant (not for long though) Jasper Cinema occupies a large chunk of the block, and the once legendary Victoria Pizza closed its doors nearly 3 years ago. Soon after the restaurant’s closure, a new pizza joint popped-up in its place. With its just-slight-enough-because-it’s-mandatory name change and its nostalgic, never-give-up-hope-because-it’s-mandatory slogan, Vic’s Pizza:  Pizza of Champions seems to be having a hard time letting go of the past.


Before it closed, Victoria Pizza used to rank as one of Edmonton’s best pie holes, so on the way to deliver birthday wishes to my father last night, I decided to finally see if Vic successfully filled Victoria’s shoes. Answer: he did not.

The decor and staff at Vic’s Pizza are lovely and, given the right company and occasion, it is possible that a great dining experience could be had. Rolling solo and going on taste alone though, Vic’s is not very good. Cheese was crusty and the sauce was tasteless.

The best part of my evening was hanging out in Vic’s parking lot, which also belongs to a fighting gym called Tha Dogg Pound. Speaking of which, Dogg Pound rapper Kurupt recently teamed up with America’s Most Complete Artist to release your new favorite rap album, BlaQkout. Like the Edmonton Oilers and Jasper Cinema, these 2 artists should be the poster-boys for washed up and left for dead legacies. Kurupt has yet to release a solid album since Dogg Food, and DJ Quik’s is just too damned old. All this aside, they were able to join forces and release a more-or-less relevant record that is both exciting and daring weird.


Not loving the pizza at Vic’s. Currently loving “a new breed of fighter”.

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