“It’s hard out here for a Celiac”


Prego Pizza

5860-111 street Edmonton

I should probably be writing a Father’s Day post, but since my Mother’s Day post was really about both of my parents, I’ll do pappy one better: write a review for a gluten free pizza joint.

When my man Luke returned from living in Australia a few years back, he was greeted by a cold city and an unpleasant case of Celiac disease. As a Celiac, Luke has to either cut-out food that contains gluten (which is a lot of things) from his diet, or buy specialty food products (which are a lot of money).

Luckily for Luke, more and more restaurants are becoming more and more accommodating to Celiacs. One such restaurant is Pizzeria Prego, home to “Edmonton’s only gluten free pizza”. Bold claims aside (i have not substantiated their claim, nor have i looked into it), I had heard very good things about this new place, so I decided to take Luke out for an Uncle’s Day pizza dinner.

Located in a Lendrum Place strip mall near Southgate, Pizzeria Prego, or Prego Pizza, or I heart Pizza, or I heart Prego Pizza is a small take-out pizza place with only a few tables for those wanting to sit and eat. Their menu runs the gamut from classic pizza (pepperoni and cheese) to what they quaintly refer to as ‘exotic’ pizza (blueberry, cheese and cinnamon). For a 4 dollar surcharge, every pizza can be made gluten-free with the exception of those containing Alfredo sauce (fool me once…). The Gluten-full dough is made by hand, while the gluten-free dough is packaged from local gluten-free grocers Kinnkinnick. Because it is packaged, it only comes in one size: 10″. They also have Foothills Ice Cream on deck.

Luke and I ordered ‘The Constant Gardener’, a pizza that has parsnip, broccoli, sliced yams, spinach, cheese, and a silly name (maybe they haven’t seen the movie – lord knows I haven’t). The pizza is really good. Broccoli was steamed, and the spinach and yam slices were layered under cheese like a mini-lasagna. The yam slices were oddly crisp, something i did not expect. The gluten-free crust was obviously packaged, and a little too crispy, greasy and dry, but not enough to effect the overall experience. I would really like to try the gluten-full pizza also; some other day, some other uncle.

Highlight: to use Prego’s washroom, you have to walk through their office room. Trusting staff.

2nd highlight: Prego’s motto is “We plan to earn your patronage” (not to be confused with Cash Money motto: “drink till you throw up”)

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  1. what kind of pizza place got beaucoup ciliac friendly pies?

    • “woah-dey!” (cash money millionaires references: still funny ten years later)

  2. Do all of the pizzas have great names like “The constant Gardener” (Fuck John LeCarre), that’d be good. there’s this over-priced (at least I thought it was overpriced when living in MTL, maybe it’d rego-priced now) in Toronto that had that kind of stuff, like the Deniro (sausage, ham, italians) etc. I’d like to visit that type of place and try things based on name not topping. What does Prego mean? Is it family run? Are they Italian? I had no idea Luke was a ciliac, I hung out with him for a whole part of a night, and he didn’t even mention it to me. As per my last blog post – where’s there pizza where you can play either pinball or ’80s arcades while you wait? I want to go there and order the “Giuliani” or the “Do The Right Thing”.

    • Not all of them have funny names. In fact, CG may be the weirdest. One other was Spudizza…….it had potatoes on it. Prego means “i pray” in italian, which is basically the equivalent of “your welcome”. I think it is family run, and I am fairly sure they are Italian. To be honest though, I wasn’t really paying attention. Campus Pizza has 1942 arcade. I know what you mean…..that’s a great type of joint, a place that you can play on something while your pizza gets made. I will keep an eye out for the ultimate place for pre-pizza gaming. “Do the right thing” is an awesome name for a slice. It would have very little cheese and tonnes of counter parmesan (Sal is a cheap bastard)

  3. Prego is the shiz. We always get the quattro cheese, because the girlfriend is picky. But it’s well worth it.


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