Off-Campus Pizza

CPCampus Pizza

7610 112 St NW

Technically, Campus Pizza is not on campus. It is in the neighbourhood of McKernan which, in addition to being home to many U of A students, is a beautiful place. Nice houses, lots of green, and great people.

The block that houses Campus Pizza (roughly 113st to 112st on 76 Ave) is also home to a TD bank, a pharmacist, a book store, the south side location of Tra Amici Italian Cafe, and my trusty Barber (XL Hair – check for my Barber Shop blog in 2010). The mighty McKernan Fresh Market once occupied a large chunk of the block before its closure last year (last year? i think so…..). The fire hall on the west corner completes the block’s small town look.

After a long day of thrifting, swimming and frisbeeing in Wabamun and Devon, some buds and i decided to order a pizza. As we were in McKernan, and down for a walk, we decided on Campus for a pick-up pie.

The charming whole-in-the-wall joint is small: only enough room for a small handful of tables with torn up chairs, and a 1942 arcade machine (not to be mistaken for the game 1492, in which an aerial shot follows the Santa Maria as it drops smiles on the new world). Staff is friendly enough, and bottles of water cost an impressive 50 cents. We left with a large Jalapeno/Pineapple pizza and 500 bottles of water for my evening bath.

The pizza was really good. Sauce was a little thin and seemed to be replaced by a sheen of grease, but I am fairly certain that is intentional. Campus chooses the square slice options for its large pizzas, and while I don’t like this on a practical level (no crust to grab on to), it makes for a (relatively) exciting eating experience. Crust is good.

Quick note: Items omitted from Campus Pizza’s take-away menu have been done one-by-one with a black pen. I can only assume that this is more cost effective than reprinting menus.

If you disagree with this review and want to talk it out, check for me at the McKernan baseball diamonds on Monday nights.

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  1. Great review. I like that pizza a lot, it’s from the “Royal Pizza” school of Edmonton pizza. I do not like that they charge you $3 for feta, I do like how it’s such a nice family-run business and seems to occupy the same space as my bedroom. I wonder if Xl Barber and Mr campus have a cut for slice deal going on. I have to get my hands on 1492, gotta spread some smiles. If you want to talk to me about my blog (this comment section), come find me Sunday nights at Mckernan baseball diamond where I will be playing 500 up. (Just a little dude.)

  2. […] may have thought that I was joking. Fair enough, so did […]

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