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Checker’s Pizza
10658 82 Avenue Nw

Checker’s pizza is one of the few places (surprisingly) selling pizza-by-the-slice in Old Strathcona, and I’ve always thought it was shit. After a recent midnight walk and bar visit, I decided to try it again. Before I get into all of that, let me paint a picture of my only Checker’s Pizza experience prior to this one:

It was nearly 2 years ago. Me and a (unnamed) friend went to a (unnamed) Whyte ave night club with two lady friends named Lisa Miller and Janine Stephans. After a night of dancing to radio hits on an empty dancefloor and awkward sexual advances, we stumbled home. It is worth mentioning that at this point in my life – especially at this time of night – my “home” was my friend’s couch. Halfway there, all four of us stopped at Checker’s for food. I had never seen anything like it:

Besides being mesmerized by a mural depicting a pizza chef beat juggling two 12 inch pizzas, we were “entertained” by loud-assed techno music. As we got our slices and sat down, time seemed to slow down as the music changed to Baltimora’s Tarazan Boy, a fight broke out, and an older fella on a solo pizza outing began to sing along loudly to the 80’s anthem. Despite all this stimulus, I thought the pizza was shit.

We left the joint and headed home. Arriving at my friends house, it had become increasingly clear that the couch space, generally reserved for me, was spoken-for by one of our female dance partners.

Fast forward 2 years:  I have a real home and I no longer like dancing. My recent visit to Checker’s (under new, Kosher and Halal friendly management) brought clarity to 2 things: one) what I had thought was a mural of a DJ’ing chef was a modest sized framed painting, and two) the Pizza is pretty good.

The dough is still far too substantial, and there is nothing particularly interesting about the rest. Taste is decent overall, and very passable.

I Love that they are Halal and Kosher…….those weren’t those ladies’ real names.

Cab Fare

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  1. this is a fun, wonderful story.
    i have felt a certain nostalgia for these pizza joints you write of.
    i hope to one day visit edmonton.

  2. I used to ride for checkers as the best slice in Edmonton, but last night after Chris was so obliging andbrought me back a mediterranean slice (onion, chicken, olives) I can say that I no longer stick by Checkers. It’s ok, sure. And when I’m drunk and it’s hot, I love it. But when I’m not drunk and it’s just warm – I could do without it. Not bad by any means, just not poppin off. Where does one go though? Fuck a funky pickle pizza, and garneau is full of racist old men (and shitty fucking pizza, by the looks of it). Edmonton needs a slice place that’s less than $4 and doesn’t taste like bland city. This comments section is my new blog.

  3. I feel you havingsomethoughts. I think their crust is packaged also. I could have been a bit harsher, but you know how I am……

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