“Ecco Pub, Far Away in Time”


Martha and the Muffins pose for a photo just before writing the worst song ever, “Echo Beach”.

(quick retract: I have visited recently, and would like to say that Happy Joe’s Pizza is better than I initially made it out to be.)

Ecco Neighbourhood pub

9605 66 Avenue Edmonton

This blog is quickly turning into one about neighbourhood pubs instead of pizza. It is not my fault that pizza is served in pubs, nor is it my fault that they all serve similar pizza, forcing me to focus on those things that make them unique.

Strong sliceoflife supporter Mike (havingsomethoughts, for those reading the comments) suggested we check out Ecco Neighbourhood Pub in the south east ‘hood of Hazeldean. The pub is on the east end of Hazeldean’s shopping Plaza which includes a bakery, a pharmacist, a greasy spoon diner (which apparently used to be a punk hangout), and a small grocery store. The plaza is directly across the street from Hazeldean School’s field, on which a huge (base?)ball game was going on. The Pub’s awning is decorated with a painting of a dolphin, a theme that continued as we got settled inside the joint. (You’ll notice that I am deliberatly avoiding references to the Sega Genesis game, it is just too easy)

I got immediate positive vibes as we stepped up in the place. At least 3 wall-sized murals, PacMan arcade and a heated (seriously) pool tourney in progress. On top of that, there was a warmth coming from all the patrons, the most intense of which coming from dude with a loud San Fransisco 49ers shirt and Family Guy sweats. Waitress was super nice, and the owner even stopped by to make sure we were doing alright. Major highlight: talking Siberian oil-rig shop with buddy who insisted on wishing us Bon Apetit in Russian.

With 28 types of Pizza, Ecco’s pizza menu is deep, and sizes vary from “NOON ER” (smallest, for the Lunch crowd) to “PARTY” (largest, for the party crowd). They have a pretty standard toppings selection, but were flexible enough to accommodate our pineapple and jalapeno (this place does not fuck with banana peppers) pizza.

Ecco Pub has great pizza! While it does not stray too far from your average pub-pizza, it avoided all the pitfalls that plague most joints. Crust was perfect, toppings were fresh enough and the cheese was nice. Sauce left a little bit to be desired, but was still good.

Ecco is perfect. I wholeheartedly endorse.

Finally, serious Bass-Face at Ecco’s pub:Picturez 061_ed070529_600px

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  1. I am into Ecco neighbourhood pub in a big way. The pizza was actually really good! And I liked the sauce b/c I am into straight-up sauces and not the sugary weirdness of roadrunner (I still like the RR pizza though). I like the heated exchange between 40 year old woman and her 60 year old mom, the daughter did not want any of it and said “Just don’t touch me, get out of here.” I think the mom was throwing D off her dart game. I love that it’s skid labourer central, in the best way possible. That plaza it’s in is way tired, I couldn’t even tell what was open. But desert at the Fresh Mart? Best Skor bar around.

  2. Also Quick note: check out bassist 100 dollar bill print coat. Wild

  3. The worst song ever? You have a field to choose from from all the songs this decade, my friend! Echo Beach happens to also be simply a nice and straightforward song. One with artistic merit but also musicality.

    • Mark, you are right. Echo Beach is not as bad as the photo’s caption makes it out to be. In fact, the M&theM hit was one of my favorite songs growing up. I am simply doing my duty as a hater/goofball by slagging it. I hope you understand.

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