“You Got to Check Out the Avenue”



Avenue Pizza and Lounge

8515 112 Street, Edmonton

In 1990 Run DMC were played-out and nothing showed this more than their video for “The Avenue”. As the biggest Rap stars of the 80’s, they sounded and looked unnatural trying to fit in with the grittier sound and look of the 90’s.

As a modest campus sports bar, Avenue Pizza and Lounge struggles with the same identity issues that faced the “kings of rock”. When you compare the old, marked-up wooden tables, the giant Kokanee mural, the digital jukebox that must’ve been pretty impressive in 1996, and the wall-mounted sports memorabilia to the newly renovated Earl’s down the block, Avenue looks a little bit dated. Like Run DMC in 1990, Avenue Pizza and Lounge is a leftover from a previous generation. But unlike Run DMC, Avenue has stood the test of time.

Alright, I’ll admit, this comparison is as forced as Reverend Run sporting an EPMD bucket hat or the ragamuffin MC at the one minute 19 seconds mark of The Avenue video. To be honest, I have had this non-anthem stuck in my head since visiting the restaurant, and I needed to get it out of my system. I’ll get down to business:

As a lounge, Avenue is great. It’s part Boston Pizza with a more sincere sports focus, and part Garneau Pub with a more up-to-date jukebox. Pool Table, Buck Hunter Safari edition, old wood tables, nice bar to post-up at, darts.

I did not like their pizza though.

I had the Chicken Alfredo pizza (big news: I am eating meat these days!), which I was told was an Avenue specialty: Chicken, red onions, mushrooms, bacon, and Alfredo sauce instead of tomato. Before I slam their pizza, I should mention that my disappointment could have been affected by the following variables: I am new to eating meat, I failed to ask for thin crust (an available option), and importantly, I ordered a pizza that replaced tomato sauce with Alfredo sauce. Even with all this in mind, I would be hard pressed to order an Avenue Pizza again.

The bar is great though, and would love to watch the Penguins make their come-back here.

If you like Boston Pizza give this place a shot. If you like the Garneau Pub give this place a shot. If you like pizza, stay at home (or at least stick to familiar toppings).

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  1. Yeah, there’s something about white sauce on a pizza that just grosses me out. Like, I’m into dipping some crust into ranch dressing, delicious, but pouring the dressing onto your pizza would make me feel sick. That’s how I feel about this Alfredo pizza. As well, I think original Joe’s is taking away all of Happy Joe’s business (did he have much anyway?). Don’t review it, get the pizza chains out of Edmonton. Cut The BPs in half. I request that the next pizza place you review has a pinball machine.

  2. […] every pizza can be made gluten-free with the exception of those containing Alfredo sauce (fool me once…). The Gluten-full dough is made by hand, while the gluten-free dough is packaged from local […]

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