Rosario’s Pizza &Pub

11715 108 AVE Edmonton


People say that I am too generous with my reviews. In order to remedy this, I am gonna write about a place with very few redeeming qualities (i assure you that I can find some though).

Rosario’s is a Karaoke bar (strike one) and restaurant in north/central Edmonton. The pizza is the worst (strike two), and doesn’t deserve much of a review. In short: too much dough, thick crust, minimal cheese and sauce. Dry.

The entrance to this neighbourhood pub is guarded like it was The Ranch, but its guts look like a Boston Pizza. It also has a huge Karaoke screen with a………why am even writing about this place?!

The pizza is bad, don’t go there for that. The Karaoke is bad, don’t go there for that. The non-karaoke side of the bar looked alright with a bunch of pool tables I think (ball one).

Two strikes and a ball isn’t technically a strike-out, but this is no friendly game of baseball: this place is bad.

(Quick note: According to, Rossario’s is an “UnVerified Pizza Restaurant”. )

Next post will be about a better place.

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  1. Nice to see you bash a place. Even when you’re trying to be mean you still leave them in limbo, 2 strikes, 1 ball, where will they go from there? The other day I was near Argyll and 95th and there was a placed called ECCO (the logo was ECCO mirrored and then a dolphin, all in aqua colours) which advertised Pizza and that it was a neighbourhood pub, let’s go this week!

  2. For the record, Rosario’s is great.
    I don’t know what you’re thinking.

  3. very fair Laren.

    i could see myself being a fan of that bar, but can we both admit that the pizza is terrible.

    As i said in my opening paragraph, i was under some (albeit, jokingly) pressure from people to write a negative, or at least critical, review

    Perhaps I was too harsh, but I really didn’t enjoy the place.

    I really appreciate your comment !!!! 🙂 🙂

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