According to Urbandictionay.com, Pizzarrhea is defined as “the sudden onset of diarrhea by means of the consumption of pizza, be it bad or otherwise”.

According to their Facebook page, Edmonton Band Pizzarrhea! is “a band with no members. Pizzarrhea! is musical menstration [sic]”

The songs on Pizzarrhea!’s mySpace page do not sound like they would translate into a live performance. They are drone-y, experimental and abrasive. The following picture however, proves that Pizzarrhea has indeed performed live, and the link after it proves that a Pizzarrhea! live performance is a very weird thing.





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  1. Well, I don’t know what to make of this band. I don’t like it, but I wish i did. Those pictures are really weird, I feel like it’s a group of kids that did a lot of battles of the bands, and then got into Gwar, and then got into sounding like shit. Check out Personal and the Pizzas for some super-dumb pizza garage. I would also suggest checking out their pictures (pizza is featured prominently, especially in the “Bachelor Party” series). I’ll have to post Graeme’s list of pizza punk bands.

  2. Yes, I have that list somewhere also.

    I am comfortable with the fact that i don’t like Pizzahrea!
    I also wouldn’t call them a Pizza Punk band. Just an Edmonton band with Pizza in their name…….It’s hard out here.

  3. This post leaves me with so many questions. What’s menstration? What’s pizza punk? (for those of us not in the know) And finally, why is that strange eyeball mask so awesome?

    • menstration is a misspelling of menstruation. Pizza Punk is Pizza informed Punk music. That Eyeball mask is awesome because it turns one’s head into a giant eyeball.

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